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09 Jul 2018

Emerging Brands Spotlight: Workshop No.8

Poly Coffee Table

Workshop No.8 is a one-man business based in Wimbledon, London. Created and run by Jozsef Krausz, it provides bespoke and creatively designed furniture and is currently promoting and working on a new line of design furniture.

The UK’s strongest platform for newly established design talent. Packed with innovative ideas, Emerging Brands follows the tradition of 100% Design's original ethos; launching new talent. Here are few questions from one of 2018's exhibitors' Workshop No.8



1. Talk us through your latest product/s:

I am working on a new line of designs, which are currently in the building stage. This latest line of work will be exhibited at the show in September. The designs of these products are mostly inspired by an amalgamation of architectural and geometric patterns, forms, shapes and lines, the styles and influences of which span mostly from midcentury through to the modern era of today.

2. Why did you choose to exhibit at 100% Design?

I visited the 100% Design show as a matter of both research for my company whilst starting to set up Workshop No.8, combined with an interest in the UK design scene. I felt inspired by the work of other designers and makers at last year’s show and felt that I wanted Workshop No.8 to join in being a part of this experience and exposure in order to flourish and find its audience.


4. What made you want to become a designer?

Since childhood, I have always been impressed and inspired by design and grew up working a lot in woodwork. I am inspired through looking at shapes, textures and forms. The lines and forms present in architecture have also been a large influence upon me from an early age – and this features strongly in my work.

Through working with bespoke requests, I always hope for a client who needs something very special so that I can design something great and custom-made for them. It made sense to start designing my own furniture and express my passion for design and designing furniture in the way that I want.

5. What goals would you like to achieve for your company in the future?

As Workshop No.8 continues to expand and grow, I aim to continue to develop its brand alongside introducing further lines of work and products. I would like to achieve an established position within the UK design scene for Workshop No.8 and its designs and products.



3. In contemporary society, an online presence is key in order to grow your design firm – How do you utilize the internet to increase your customer base?

I am present on a number of social media platforms. This enables both my customer base and fan base to increase and for my company’s exposure to continue to grow. There are many great and useful communities of makers online. Instagram (of which I am a part of) is a very strong site for such groups of makers, and are often very useful for helping each other out within the design world. I try to ensure a strong and consistent presence everywhere as much as I can for my company – both online and in person. In addition to a blog on my website, I have plans to start a Youtube Channel. This will give my customer base a virtual peep into the workings and goings on at Workshop No.8. Engaging with my customer base is a high priority to ensure my business continues to gain exposure and grow as a brand and company.


6. Establishing networks is important for an emerging design firm – How did you go about growing yours?

I believe growth happens by grabbing every opportunity and using it. A lot of growth for Workshop No.8 has come about through word of mouth. Simply talking with people and other makers alike and communicating face to face is not only important, but also very effective.

In addition, I was approached by a small and growing organisation of makers called Best of Bespoke. Run by Jamie Williamson, this idea is to connect makers in the UK with the right audience for their work and products. This community has really taken off and continues to grow. It has helped me to network for my company – especially in the early days when I first opened my business. I continue to network via the above mentioned platforms and am hoping to collaborate with a very talented maker in the near future.


Who’s your inspiration? Bjarke Ingels

What’s your favourite hotel? Morpheus hotel in Macau, China

What 3 words sum up your brand? Contemporary, Design, Traditional Craftsmanship



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