Returning for the second time is Design London, a carefully selected group of brands showcasing the very best in high quality design, detail and craftsmanship, with each company contributing to London’s reputation as the design capital of the world. A key part of the international design series alongside Design Shanghai and Design Joburg, the show presents London as the premium platform for high-quality design and innovation.

Design London presents a curated exhibition showing some of the best contemporary interior specialists for high-end interior designers and industry professionals. Consisting of a carefully edited group of brands handpicked for their attention to detail, Design London will spotlight the very best in design manufacturing, with each company chosen to complement one another and as contributors to London’s reputation as design capital of the world.

Event Director Daren Newton comments: “After the recent success of Design Shanghai and Design Joburg, we felt London needed a platform to deliver the very best in design detail and quality crafted interiors products. Co-located with 100% Design, the UK’s longest-running and most prestigious design event, and taking place during the London Design Festival when all industry eyes are on the capital, Design London capitalises on the creativity and ideas that make London a key player within the international market."

Presented within a distinctive and specially designed zone within 100% Design (the UK’s largest show for Architects and Designers), Design London promises to be the stand out commercial presentation at the London Design Festival for like-minded design professionals.

Exhibitors returning to the show this year include James UK, Knightsbridge Furniture and Adventures in Furniture while new additions include Madheke, Pintark, Stabord, WIS London, Jack Badger, Ian Parker Furniture, Poppy Westwell, Quench Bars, Lindsay Taylor, the World of Interiors and McGuire Glass.

Design Shanghai

8-11 March 2017

Design Joburg

25-27 May 2018

Design London

20-23 Sep 2017


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